Wish I was there too

Elise Newton reflects on curator, Talia Smith’s show Wish you were here

Wish You Were Here Talia Smith

It has become in time clichéd and perhaps downright unnecessary to comment on the reality that social media, in its near-endlessly varied forms, has become a source of exhibitionism and self-absorption for us all.

It’s maybe due to its rarity, then, that one feels so struck by the level of subtlety and warm emotion that artists Raeym Gilkes and Christine McFetridge have managed to bring to a dialogue on the impact that technology has on our everyday interactions.

Wish You Were Here Talia Smith

The collaborative project I Miss My Crew was originally created as a way for the two artists to connect across a geographical divide, with Gilkes living in Aukland and McFetridge in Melbourne. Collecting images on their smartphones, the artists shared a glimpse of their own locales with one another through a shared blog. Curator Talia Smith has reproduced and evolved this project into the exhibition Wish You Were Here .

With the photos of these two artists collected for us in pairs, projected side by side, we are given a strikingly sensitive impression of the cold distance between warm people that we may attempt, sometimes desperately, to overcome with a constant sharing of images and details from one distant locale to another.

– Elise Newton

Head to taliasmith.tumblr.com to check out Talia’s latest projects and thoughts.

The following is a blog post published on the Gaffa blog on September 5, 2014, featuring my reflections on curator, Talia Smith’s show Wish You Were Here:  http://gaffagallery.wordpress.com/ 
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